Part of our offer responds to requests for “finished products”, especially if local print capabilities are not sufficient.

It is also this opportunity to mount large operations in short time that seeks a large part of our African customers.
And that fulfills our goal of introducing the Gildan brand and products to the “market” through massive, public operations.

Specific features and exceptional assets

Our certifications and total traceability offer an absolute guarantee to our image-conscious customers. That’s why Gildan garments are so often used during political events, to avoid any risk in terms of communication.

We are also endowed with a transformation capacity unique in the world. Our embroidery and printing units deliver hundreds of thousands or even millions of pieces per month. This also applies to other media, such as caps.

Our services can also manage the entire downstream part of operations: Packaging, logistics … Our customers rely on our expertise in maritime and air transport.

The volumes we manage are such that the prices of the products and services we offer benefit from the most competitive prices.

These benefits have led us in the past to manage important programs in political, electoral and other campaigns in many African countries, and on behalf of leading personalities. Especially in West and Central Africa (Ivory Coast, Ghana, Gabon, Congo Brazzaville …).

We have of course many elements to communicate to you such as the description of some campaigns carried out by us.